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Turn off Evernote Spam Filter

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Evernote is filtering out my forwarded email using subject: @notebook.  Can this spam filtering be turned off?  If I cannot rely 100% on items I forward to my own notebooks arriving, then this functionality is pretty much useless.  


I use EN to SAVE time not waste it.  As it is I have to forward and then sync and confirm it's actually received by EN.


Would't a more reasonable control be to limit the addresses (as an option) which are allowed to forward to my EN address?

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Hi.  Are you saying that none of your emails make it through,  or that only some do?  And do they go to the correct notebook,  or are they spread through several?


If you're not seeing any,  it may either be that you have your Evernote email address wrong,  or the title of your emails.  


The point of the email address is that any 'sender' address - including your own mail server - might be forwarding emails at your instruction;  it would be onerous for many users to list all the possible sources of inbound emails - and if an email is rejected,  there's no mechanism to alert you to the sender address in case it's one you actually want to receive...

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