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Can we name our work chats?



With work chats, we've got a new dimension for sharing our work. (Notebooks were the first one.)


Work chats have different contexts associated with them. Might it be possible to name them? That would help me identify the work chat that I'm looking for most easily.

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The Windows version just came out with a new release version 5.8.3 which allows:

Filter Work Chats by contact names, keywords, and attachments
I would expect a similar upgrade for the Mac version sometime.
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I believe the feature in the windows release you mention is for searching your existing work chats by the participants, messages and note and notebook names.


We are looking into the naming feature along with other features to make Work Chat more useful.  Thanks for the feedback.

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I'd like to get additional feedback from users about Work Chat, sharing and collaboration features in Evernote.  If you'd be willing to speak with me for 15-30 mins at a time of your convenience, please private message me on this forum and I'll contact you to setup a time.  Thanks for your feedback.


// Martin

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Yes,! Please allow us to rename individual work chats so that in the office, we have titled separate discussions. That is our private mode of communicating Within the office. Confining us to a notebook is somewhat counterintuitive to the natural flow of a medical office. We would like to have chats based on tasks to-do, patients need to be called back, etc. Naming chats It's a lot more straightforward and intuitive than having to be confined to a notebook. We would like to be able to easily refer  to a chat by name which is similar to Having a topic to discuss around a coffee table. Also, it would be great to be able to assign tasks within a chat like a notebook and have a to-do list which we can assign a member of our team to do, in turn holding them accountable. The member assigned the task should be able to tick off and report to the team that the task has been complete. They should also have auto reminders for the team if a task hasn't been done by a certain time, again holding certain assigned team members accountable if that task has not been done..

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"Can you add a function that gives more control over group chats? One: can we give the group a name. Xx team, etc." I shared this with Support and they suggested that I put my comments here. It would be good to be able to set up Chat groups (much like Whatsapp) that would create better workflow for collaborating on projects. -Jay

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Lots of support for the idea,  but zero clicks on the counter (top left).  Points mean prizes folks - or at least in this case,  maybe getting your suggestions some traction...

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