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Notebooks STILL not sorted by Tag. Why?



This is one of 3 or 4 feature requests I only make once a year or so now rather rhetorically actually because of after 5 or 6 years of living without this no-brainer need in this app, it's too exasperating to deal with it any more frequently than that.... and that is sort Notebook notes by tag.

For an organizational app that espouses tagging in lieu of sub Notebooks (no problem with that) as an organizational strategy, it remains dumb-founding then that tags can not delineate a Notebook's content!

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Huh? You mean Notebook? I have many Notebooks with 5-10 tags associated with it. 

At this point I wouldn't be particular about how the tags would be sorted. As long as the Notebook tag sort is clearly marked. Undoubtedly it would be alphabetical if done as with Windows. 

Even better is as with Wiz Notes which has each Notebooks Tags in a list in clickable form...click it and obviously it opens up the notes tagged as such in that Notebook. 

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