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Scanned business cards are not showing up in Evernote


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Hmmn.  The second usual suspect would be:  is your Scannable sending to the correct account?  Do you start scannable from within Evernote,  or as a stand-alone app?  If stand-alone - how do you link it with your account?  Can you break and re-make the link with your account?


(Being a humble Android user I don't have a scannable to play with yet...)   ;)

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in the settings part of the app - the little gear, you can turn on evernote AND pick the notebook to send to, but it never sends my cards across..


are my scans saved in the cloud?  i'd uninstall and reinstall, but want to be sure before doing so



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-Sorry;  not a scannable user,  so I was guessing that it integrated with Evernote somehow.  If it doesn't obviously have that option,  the only way to scan from Evernote would be to use the EN Camera and choose 'business cards' there.




-and I don't know whether scans you've already completed would be available somewhere if they didn't make it to Evernote.  I'd suggest you treble check the Evernote login you used for Scannable,  to make sure you're looking at the correct account.  Then check your account via EN Web by logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action


If your notes aren't in the right notebook,  check all other notebooks too,  just in case.



And both:  whatever you find, please come back and share your experiences - we Android users have to go through the pain soon (hopefully) and it'd be nice to have some fixes ready...

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