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how to transfer outlook tasks to evernote, converting categories to tags?


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are there any tools that will transfer outlook tasks to evernote, converting categories assigned to each task to a an evernote tag?


i am running into three issues with all the tools i have found so far.

  1. manual - but i have 2,700 tasks
  2. they don't handle large task notes
  3. they don't maintain categories

thanks in advance,






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You don't mention your OS or MSOffice version,  but in my Windows Outlook 2013 I can bulk select tasks and use the Evernote Outlook Clipper to save tasks to notes.  Haven't tried this personally,  but if the categories don't transfer across,  you could (maybe) just sort your tasks by category and clip one category at a time,  adding an appropriate tag to that block of notes in Evernote.  From previous experience,  try this with a small number of tasks first,  and

  1. check for tasks with no title,  and
  2. keep your selected batches small - 50 max initially - so you don't get hit with any unsuspected errors.
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