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Is there a way to link Evernote w/ Google Calendar so that I can easily drop in meeting details into a new note?



I often us Evernote to take notes/action items during a meeting. I switched from OneNote on a PC recently and one thing I miss is the ability to easily add meeting details (attendees, meeting title, associated calendar invitation notes, etc.) to the note. Is there a way to do this with Evernote?

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I use web clipper to put the details of a meeting into Evernote,  then it's possible to append notes during the meeting,  and add actions as necessary - I guess you could do the same in (sort of) reverse if necessary,  by clipping meeting details into one or more new note(s) and merging the results later - or you could add a TOC note to tie them all together...

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This might be possible using something like IFTTT - taking the calendar entry and creating a note in advance, so that when you get to the meeting you've already got a note with the basic details.


As an even simpler solution, it might be possible to set up a filter in your gmail to forward on meeting reminders to your EN email address to give you a note to start with.


To make that more sophisticated, Google has Apps Script which can automate actions on things like emails and calendar entries. You could have an app script that formats the email to EN so that it goes to the right notebook. It may even be possible to call the EN api from Apps Script, so that you could reflect changes to meetings in a note as well...


Getting carried away with solution design now  :)

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Related question - Looking for a way to open an Evernote note within a Google calendar event (while in Google calendar), then also be able to edit the Evernote note and have the changes saved and accessible within the Google calendar event.  


I'm part way there but stuck - I copy the Evernote note url and paste it into the notes section of the Google calendar appointment.  When I click on the link on my mobile device, it opens the Evernote note for viewing, but the Evernote note is locked and I can't change or edit the note.  


Can any one offer some help/suggestions with this?



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Hi.  How are you getting the link to your note?  If you use Copy Note Link,  you should be able to open and edit the note either in EN Web or on your own local device.  Sounds like you're getting the public URL which does not allow editing...

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I thought I might have a solution using the Sunrise Calendar integration:




Any notes that have dated reminders show up on your calendar like above.  Unfortunately when you open the event, it just gives you a View on Evernote link.  Once you click on the link, it opens the shared note view in the browser.  I even tried including a direct Note Link in the note to see if that would help.  It basically goes right back to the shared note view.  I can't find a way to force the event to open Evernote proper and go straight to the note.  


Maybe if I clicked on Edit and pasted the Note Link in there, but then you'd have to do that for every Calendar event.  Let me try that.



Ok so the problem is that when you Copy Note Link, the link looks different in Evernote versus outside the app.  In other apps, it comes across as a web link.  Maybe someone at HQ can suggest a method to open Evernote directly from another app.

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What I am looking for is a way to create and/or access an existing Evernote note and attach or link the note as I create or want to edit an appointment or event in Google Calendar.  


Would prefer not to have to start the process with Evernote, but rather Google calendar and be able to directly open/edit my note in Evernote from Google calendar. 

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