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Lost notes after attempting to share

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I'm fairly new to EN, having installed it on my Android phone about 3 months ago. At the time, I setup a web account but changed my mind and disabled the account. Fast forward the yesterday ... after updating a fairly long note, I decided to "share" it with myself in order to back it up. The Share feature prompted me with my email (the same one I used to originally register for EN web), and I hit Send. But the note never got sent, and kept sending notifications periodically that I had pending notes (sorry, can't remember the exact message!). I kept hitting Send, but of course, it never was sent. 


Here's where things start to get a little fuzzy ... at some point, when I opened EN I could only get the green "screen of death"; there was no way to navigate to my notebook(s). EN was trying to sign me in, but of course I don't have an account. I tried all the various options, then decided to open a new account with a new email address, as my old email was permanently disabled in EN.


Now, I have a brand new "account" both locally and in the cloud, and I would like to get my notes back! I've tried searching my phone's storage /Android/data/com.evernote/files/Temp/Shared, and there is only the logs.zip file (which goes back several days).


Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated!

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There are a few things in your post that suggest you may have confused your own account.  When you installed your Android app and registered it with Evernote,  you created an account which you can access from any device,  plus via an internet browser,  by using the same user name and password.  So when you 'set up a web account and disabled it' that was presumably another account,  not the one installed on your Android.  Plus by disabling the account you locked your email address into it.  And then you shared a note with yourself as a backup.  Which presumably would have involved your now locked email address,  and might have triggered Evernote into believing that there was no point in mailing a note to a disabled account...


I'm not clear where you got the green screen,  but that's probably not related to anything so far.  If you do have two completely new accounts,  there's nothing in them that will reconnect you with the original notes - what you do need is the login details for your original Android account.  If the account seems to be blocked in some way,  try the same login via this link - https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action


You will also need to try to login to your disabled account and reopen it,  and change your email address to something different - anything will do,  as long as it's not your active email.


I'm sure you'll hit more problems along the way,  but just post back here and we'll try to help...

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Hi gazumped, thanks for your suggestions. I reactivated my disabled account using the link you provided, but there were no notes. Since I disabled syncing right from the start, I didn't expect to find anything in the cloud. Is there any way to access the EN cache on my phone? I was hoping to Sign Out of my new account on my phone and log back into my original account, but Sign Out gives the warning that all cached and offline files will be removed. Perhaps this has already happened anyway with the new account :-(


Any ideas? 

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You disabled syncing?  I didn't realise that was possible from a mobile device.. the settings are a bit ambivalent on that - you seem to have a choice of Background syncs,  sync at various intervals from 15 minutes,  and "only on wifi".  If you don't choose any of those,  I don't know what the default would be  but since you would then be carrying around your data in an easily dropped or stolen bundle,  I hope it wouldn't be not to sync at all.


If you can remember what your original user login details were (not the disabled account ones,  but the ones under which you saved all your notes originally) there's still a chance that your notes exist online.  If not,  they are (or were) buried on your device somewhere.

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