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Starting Simplified Article with highlighter prevents copy. Disastrous.


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Currently the Simplified Article starts with the highlighter mode active. This prevents selecting and copying text, which at least for me is a very common function. With the highlighter mode active, it's not possible to right-click copy or even Ctrl+C copy. I can't be the only one who copies text for pasting more frequently than highlight it, can I?

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I think all-too-often EN has been guilty of adding extra features, which users may or may not depend on, at the expense of basic functionality, which most users count on. This is one such example.


Is there any way to disable this functionality (highlighter active by default when clippling)? It is hugely annoying. I've never in several years of using EN had to highlight anything; that's just not the way I use the EN clipper. (In fact, I use the EN clipper for... clipping.) But I need to copy and paste from EN clips several times per day, and this functionality always gets in the way.

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