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Missing Notebook in Notebooks List

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I am trying to fix a problem where a notebook fails to appear in the Notebooks list (Your list), even though it exists.


I have a notebook "_TODO" - I name certain notebooks starting with "_" to ensure they appear near the top of the Notebooks list.


This notebook used to appear in the main notebook list. 


Now it does not. Although it appears in the Recent lists after I have accessed or assigned a note to it.


All the other notebooks named the same way still appear there, so the problem is limited to this notebook.


Notes filed under this list are available to me.


This condition occurs on all clients, and the web version of Evernote.


I think I did something to cause this to happen, without realizing it (i.e. an errant click somewhere).


Any thoughts how to restore it. Will a complete re-index work? Not sure, given same condition is on website.


Would prefer not to re-index unless last resort. The database is large.



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Just a guess, but you might try renaming the NB to something that starts with a normal letter (a-z), sync all devices, and see if the NB shows in your NB list.  If so, then rename back to the original name, and sync all.

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Thanks, this is getting close


renaming it did make it appear in the "Your Notebooks" list. However, setting the name back to _TODO caused it to 'vanish' again, from its place in the notebooks named starting with "_"


However, now i have more info. I have noticed several "Notebook Stack [n]" items in the notebook list, way down the list.


After re-renaming "TODO" back to "_TODO" it is now showing inside "Notebook Stack[5]"


What are Notebook Stacks and is there a way to flatten those all out. I have discovered several other notebooks buried in here, and confirmed, they don't show up alphabetically where i would expect on a flattened list.



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"Stacks" are just a collection of Notebooks.  They are usually created by drag-n-drop of one NB on another.

To remove a NB from a Stack, just right-click on the NB and select "Remove from Stack".

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