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Points for Premium not credited

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T-Mobile in Netherlands provide a permium subscription of Evernote to its subscribers. I already had premium subscription from EN so I was delighted when I logged into Evernote on T-mobile network and got an email from Evernote that I have received 120 Evernote points. Happily I click onto the link 'Use Points' which took me to my Evernote logon and when I did logon, I saw the point balance to be zero.


This was strange. The date was 22.01.2015. I thought something went wrong and since I am already a premium member, if I submit a ticket, I will be replied fast. The ticket number is Ticket# 922467.


It's been almost a week hence and I am yet to get any reaction? Is this normal? Does any one over here has some experience in this regard to share?


BR VRaj 

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Hi - clearly you got one response,  otherwise you wouldn't have a ticket number;  but it can take several working days for a 'real' human reply at the moment.  When T-Mobile told you about your points,  did you get an email to the same address that is registered to your account?  I'd imagine it's possible that your 'phone has one set of login details,  and your existing account has another.  I'm sure Customer Service will be able to sort it out,  and transfer the credit if necessary - just be patient and they'll get back to you.

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