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Exact String Search Issue



Hello Evernote Community. From Everything I've read online, pretty sure my Evernote needs to be reindexed to fix it's search issues. Here are the steps to reproduce one of my issues:


* I have an Evernote Notebook with a few notes in it, one that that significantly larger (contains more words) than the rest

* The word Budget is littered throughout this note - the note that is larger than the rest.

* If I search either via Search Notes Global Notesbook search box or within the note itself, using quotes, for "Budget", search returns no results.

* If I search either via Search Notes Global Notesbook search box or within the note itself, WITHOUT using quotes, for Budget, search returns no results.


However, if I search "Vendor Budget",  then the search will find all instances where "Vendor Budget" is used.


If I type Budget into one of the smaller other notebooks, then search for it, the return will find it (as it should). If I copy paste the entire large note content, in a new note (even a new notebook, with a new note), then try to search for Budget or "Budget", search returns nothing. Seems like issue with within the large note I've created over time.


I've noticed other similar occurrences with other words (can't remember right now though what those are).


What am I to do?

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There have been some reports of words not being found because they are embedded in some strange HTML characters.


Try creating a NEW Note, and just type the word "budget" in a sentence.

Sync, and then see if it is found using the Search box, with NO quotes.

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Yes, I am able to search for budget when using any other notebook other than the one with all my content. If I create a new note, or trying searching for budget within another note, behavior is as expected. It only an issue when I'm searching my main note.


After some more testing, you are exactly right, weird things happening when words are embedded. Found the root image or table causing the problems (see attached copied pasted from excel mac). The really weird thing is that I can't nail what exactly is causing the interfearance. If I delete the whole table, then always "Budget" becomes searchable again in my main notebook. The weird part is that I can't get a consistent result when "tampering" with the table. Seems, however, that when I deleting the first instance of the word "Budget" within the table, then "Budget" is always searchable again.


Now I realized I'm having an issue with the word "Milestone," per similar issue with "budget."


I have been interested in evernote because of its search ability (I thought in conjunction with images, documents etc.). Now that I've lost all confidence in it's search capabilities, I'm thinking twice about rolling out Evernote within my business.


I need the ability to paste random images, HTML chunks and other rich media to build my notes.


What can I do? 

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I was having similar problems searching within notes. Search terms simply weren't found even though I could see some of them on the note in front of me! 


This particular note was a RTF document created in TextEdit and copied and pasted into Evernote. The comment about strange formatting characters above got me thinking...


To resolve this I used Format > Simplify Formatting. I've lost my font / font sizes though it has preserved bold, italics etc so is fine, but more importantly SEARCH WORKS AGAIN!


In case this helps anyone else... Have been tearing my hair out over this one.

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