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Evernote is ignoring Table Width="100%" tags in Notebooks



I use lots of notebooks that have tables in them. These tables have Table Width="100%" tags in them so that the table changes width to the size of the window. Previous versions of Evernote did this just fine, but everything version 6 and newer seems to be ignoring this and setting some static width that does not change with window size.

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fwiw I just updated to EN 6.0.5  on Yosemite just now and it totally ruined my table during conversion.....    which persuaded me to look here for a fix.  

In fact the columns all used to dynamically size previously over last couple of years and were so reliable I wasn't even aware that they could be adjusted?

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I exported one of the notes as HTML and went into the code myself. Evernote has added a bunch of width tags to what was there, with static widths instead of percentages so the tables adjusts to window width. Anyone know how to fix this?

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It is pretty clear to me that the designers and testers of the new (EN6) table design don't use tables very much, because it is immediately obvious to me that the unchangeable defaults don't work well:

  1. Cell vertical alignment is set to CENTER, and cannot be changed.
    1. So this means that if you have a lot of text, or a large image in one cell in a row, and a short about of text in another cell, the text in that cell shows a lot of white space at the top.
    2. I almost NEVER use "center" vertical alignment
  2. Width of the cells is split equally regardless of the amount of text in the cell
    1. In Ver 5, while the Table width was 100% by default (but was user changeable), the cells were sized to fit the contents, so that a cell with longer lines of text were wider than those with shorter lines
    2. Now the cell width is divided equally regardless of the amount of text
    3. Yes, I know we can manually resize each col, but the auto-sizing in Ver 5 was much more convenient.
  3. EN imposes a default set of Table properties that I almost always need to change:
    1. Border Color:  FROM: grey     TO: black
    2. Cell Vertical Alignment:  Center (can't change)
    3. Column width:  FROM: equally divided   TO:  Resize manually (would like auto-fit to text)
    4. It would be very helpful if EN would let the use set default Table Properties like Adobe Acrobat does annotations/comments:  Right-click on Table and select "Set as Default"

The way tables are handled in Evernote don't really work for me.  So I will have to keep using MS Word to design my tables, and then copy/paste the table into Evernote.

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