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(Archived) Voice notes on Linux

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Hi everyone. I'm having trouble listening to voice notes through the web client on Ubuntu Karmic. After some updates I can now play .amr files through both mplayer and totem, but the format doesn't seem to be recognized in Firefox on the site. I've mapped the .amr extension to totem and then to mplayer without success. Does anyone know a solution to this? Thanks.


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I'm having the same issue. Evernote looks like an *incredibly* useful bit of kit, and the Android client would be ideal for when I need to carry out an impromptu interview and don't have my dictaphone with me - except I've no way of using the audio once the interview is over.

Please, *please* add support for a different audio format that will work under Linux. *Please*.

Alternatively, why not develop a Flash interface? That would be cross-platform, and could stream the audio.

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When you record audio on a mobile phone, the decision about the encoding and codec is made by your phone manufacturer, not by Evernote. Your Android phone doesn't have enough horsepower for us to re-encode the audio in a different format (in Java), so we save the audio used by your device.

There are, however, multiple AMR players on Linux.

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There are, however, multiple AMR players on Linux.

There are - but no plugins for Firefox, which makes the web interface useless for voice notes.

I've found a work-around, which is to use the web interface to e-mail the note to myself and listen to the recording using the Totem Movie Player. Is there a "download audio" option I'm missing on the website? That'd be a heck of a lot easier than e-mailing it.

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I'm loving making audio notes while walking the dog. But they won't play in the web client on linux.

My solution to this problem is to use Nevernote (nevernote.sourceforge.net).

Install the program. Press the sync button, it will then ask you for your login details.

Audio notes can now be played at a click of the button.

Note: Synchronising your Evernote account to nevernote for the first time can take a while. But there is an option in the menus, [Online]>[selective Synchronize] and you can choose just one particular folder to be synchronised.

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