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Dynamic tag selection


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I thought something on this would come in searches but so far nothing has.  Basically, is it possible to select a tag and have all the other tags automatically show the number of notes they have that contain the tag(s) you clicked on?  Ie I'm looking for a way to kind of mimic a combination of contexts.


Eg let's say I have tags called; "home", "car", "work", "family", "buy", "invoice", "research", "do" ... And I fancy buying some stuff, so I click "buy" and automatically any tags that contain notes with the tag "buy" show me how many they contain, say 4 in "home", 2 in "car" and 3 in "family".  I then CTRL+click "family" and see the 3 notes that straight away illustrate what I want to buy for my family.


Any ideas?  



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I'm guessing that Evernote is pretty much done with showing fancy contextual stuff in the tag list. Too confusing to the users.


If you want to know this kind of stuff, I'd suggest that you look into using the search control that lives atop the note list. Click on the tag icon at the right-hand side (if there's no tag name already showing). After that, use "Click to filter by tag" to select other tags that still available (i.e. are present in the notes that contain previously selected tags).


So for example, you select "buy", then select "home" and see that there are 4 notes available. To back up, just delete a tag from the current search by clicking on the 'x' that appears when you hover the mouse over the tag; then you can select another one (e.g. "car").

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