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Locking onto and highlighting text -



Apologies if this is covered elsewhere: I can't find exactly what I am after. I am a relatively new Premium user.


I deal with large PDFs of typed words - hundreds of pages at a time. I need to highlight and bookmark the relevant parts. At the moment I scan, OCR, then highlight and bookmark in Preview. 


Is there any way to simplify this in EN? I can put the document into EN, but I can't have the highlighter lock to lines of text: it's like a big wobbly pen rather than the tidy highlighting of lines or paragraphs I get in Preview. I can open the document in Preview (EN gives me the option) but (as I have seen elsewhere) the OCR is left behind. It looks as though, with 'Include Annotation Summary' checked I have all I need save for the tidy highlighter - any clues please?



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