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[BUG] Notes added via iOS Extension do not sync to Web

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Whether I'm creating a note via the iOS Extension in Safari, Chrome, or Instapaper, that note does not sync to Evernote Web.


I must go into the note in Evernote for iOS, edit it, and then back out.  Only then will it sync.


It makes the extension much less usable when I need to conduct this workaround for every single note that it creates.


I have the latest version of iOS 8 and Evernote at time of writing.

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I just noticed this as well.

After creating a note from Photos.app via the Evernote extension, I waited about an hour to see if it would eventually sync by itself - but it didn't (even though I have Background App Refresh turned on for Evernote). Only after launching the Evernote app did I see the green arrow indicating that the note is being uploaded.


I guess this might be expected behavior and not a bug, but it's a bummer either way... It kind of defeats the purpose of the extension if I have to open the app every single time to get a note to show up on my other devices.


(Evernote 7.7.9, iOS 8.4, iPhone 6)

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This appears to be a problem with background sync and not the extension itself.  I agree that having to open the app on the device you used just to sync up to the cloud is not ideal if you want to quickly move to another device to work with that note (especially if you have a passcode).

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