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Hi, I have an issue with my web clipper.


I was using the web clipper to take notes on a film for a paper I'm writing. In addition to text, these notes also included a lot of screen captures that I made by pausing my film and pressing "Clip rectangle or window" to take a screenshot.


All of the screen captures were displayed in the web clipper before I pressed "Save to Evernote." 


After saving my notes to evernote, I went to reread them on my evernote Mac App. None of the screen captures were displayed: "�en_attachment�"  appeared in their place. The same thing happened on evernote.com: I couldn't view my images.


When I clicked 'info' on my note, I realized its size was way over the alotted 4 MB (it is 26KB).


Is there any way to get the data back? Can I still get my original note (the way it was before I pressed 'save')? 


I'd be willing to pay premium membership to access those screen captures. 



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Hi.  What were you using to view the film in the first place?  I'm not sure what has happened to your screen grabs,  but size isn't an issue - 4MB is roughly 150x greater than 26KB.

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Thanks for your response!


I was watching it on Youtube. 


Evernote has never given me a problem like this before. I didn't take notes on the entire film at once; I took them in multiple chunks, so some of the other segments that were saved as separate notes are okay. 


Those files range from 9 MB to 16MB to 2 MB. 


Two segments (two separate notes) don't show screen captures. One is 69.2 KB; the other is 26 KB. I have a feeling that they're so much smaller because Evernote hasn't saved the images. 


They both display: "�EN_ATTACHMENT�." However, only one has synced with evernote web.


When I try to sync the other note through the Mac App, I get "Synchronization Error Occurred."  My network is operating properly, and as far as I know, I believe my computer is as well.


Could I try anything else? 

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This happened to me in late December and again on Sunday.



I have several notes that are full of items like "�EN_ATTACHMENT�" and no clips, as below.

I am a premium account holder and there is no "HISTORY" on my notes like there used to be....















Any help?

Can Dave Z and Cobi T get back in touch with me to help resolve?

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I have the same issue. It seems to be related to collecting multiple images in the web clipper and then clicking "Save to Evernote" later. When I click Save to Evernote each time it works as expected. The content I'm clipping is flash, if it matters.


I have a mac, osx 10.10.3, and my EN desktop client version is 6.0.3.


I hope this gets fixed cause I really like saving multiple images in one shot.

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