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Windows Client Search Possible Bug - Please Confirm


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There appears to be a bug in the Windows Desktop Client when searching for tags within a notebook. I'm using version


This Search syntax works: notebook:.journal tag:.tech

This Search syntax does not work: tag:.tech notebook:.journal


So basically if Tag is before Notebook, no notes are found. Please note that the Browser version does not have this issue and works as expected.



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However, the supposedly incorrect syntax of listing the Tag before Notebook works in the browser version.

The different clients do accept some things that the API search language wouldn't accept, sometimes in the aid of user convenience, like implicit '*' characters added after search terms. In this case, both versions work in the web client, but "tag:t notebook:n" don't work in all other clients, so it's best to try to stick with the documented search language, particularly if you're using saved searches that can be used across different devices.

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