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Can I delete someone from a joined notebook?


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Which Evernote are you using?  iOS / Mac / Windows?  Free/premium or Business?  Are there others sharing the same note(s)?  And was this a shared note,  or a notebook?


If you shared a note by URL,  stop sharing it,  make a copy and reshare the new URL.


Otherwise,  and assuming it's free/premium,  go through the process you used to share the notebook and just remove the email address you want to 'unshare'.


Note that if your ex-employee copied any material into his/ her own notebook,  that will still be available to them.

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We are using the Evernote Free on windows at the moment and they were included in a joined notebook. I appreciate about them being able to see what has happened I just don't want them privie to what happens from now on.




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