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Fatal Defect: Cannot finish downloading/sync in the lower bandwith (say < 10k Byte/S)

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Dear Experts and User Friends:


I am here to appeal a serious defect as an Evernote Business customer, because there seems to be NO any effective method to feedback the issue, or get effective resolution through the official channel of customer services.


The issue I met is very simple and clear, for me, should be same for all the other Evernote users.


The defect/issue is:


When the network connection is in a slow bandwidth (say < 10k Byte/Sec ), there is NO way to complete downloading any big attachment files (including the JPG files) that is attached in the note. About how "Big" the file would be, I can only give my felling: any downloading process that could last > 1 minute, will probably be broken due to the server dropping the connection.


This issue happens in all the Evernote client, including: Windows PC, Mac PC, IOS, Android, and Web client. The phenomenon is the downloading can normally start, while after the "timeout threshold" ( I just named it as I never know if there is real a threshold factor set in the server application), the download will be interrupted by server.


I significantly realized there do have this case is some time in early week of November 2014, before that time frame everything looks working fine in my PC, until I found the new note could not be synced to my PC client application at that time. Then I starting to try it in the other platforms: Mac, IOS, Android and finally the Web client. Because my internet connection speed is a little slow to Evernote main website (as I am in China mainland), this phenomenon maybe easier happen in my environment rather than the perfect environment.


So I finally figure out the condition that can test and recreate this issue: In any network situation, when you manually narrow down the bandwidth with flow control app or by the router, make the linking speed to Evernote client is in a low bandwidth connection (to easily testing, say < 10k Bytes/Sec), then the attachment (say > 5M Bytes) cannot finish the downloading, to anyone including Evernote engineer.


I tried the Evernote China Local service (Yin Xiang Bi Ji), because I was told by Evernote service guys that would be no issue in that system. Same issue happened in the condition above.


I kept reporting this issue from early December 2014 through Evernote service request system, as the Ticket# 834979 , however, 2 months past, no effective answer and action was taken or given through that system. That is why I have to appeal this case in this forum.


Maybe Evernote think the low bandwidth should not suitable for the application, then it is better that Evernote clarify the restriction of the terms.


On the other hand, a 10k Byte/Sec speed is not such a "SLOW" bandwidth, many mobile environment (2.5G, 3G) can easily below such speed.


Also, if 10KB/S is too slow for a 5MB file, then even 100KB/S is still too slow for a 50MB, or 100MB file, there is no reason to have such a reasonable "restriction" while Evernote claims can support as large as hundreds M attachment. 


And, even in such "LOW-bandwidth" environment, the any other application such as Google, Microsoft... will not stop the downloading process even the downloading will last as long as 10+ minutes, or even longer. there is no any technical reason for such restriction.


Finally, the process of feedback and getting the service from evernote supporting is really frustrate process. 2 months passed, there is still no effective answers and assistants to me (I am still a business user by payment), except the pushing here and there, asking me to capture the logs again and again... Even I have help Evernote to identify the recreation condition, and get the confirmation that Evernote team has confirmed this is an issue, I was still ask to provide logs for help request. I can not understand how this kind of service will support a business or enterprise services as a cloud service provide, like Goolge, MS, Apple, Dropbox, or any other cloud service company.


Is this supposed to be a shame of the well-known EVERNOTE? How do other users think? I think so...





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