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Different Sort order by notebook

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So I have read a few different posts that imply it is possible to have different note sort orders by notebook. Example Notebook 1 have the notes within sorted by title in reverse order and Notebook 2 notes sorted by created in regular order and Notebook 3 notes sorted by Updated in reverse order. No matter how many ways I try this it sorts every note in every notebook the same way. Any ideas or help would be great.

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There is no facility in Evernote for specifying a per-notebook sort order. Period. If you've read posts implying that there is, then they're incorrect.


It is possible to sort your note list using different methods, but the current method applies globally, as it's used for note lists produced by any type of note filter, whether it be by notebook, tag, date, text or any combination thereof.

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Key features Evernote should have

  • Allow order configuration per notebook
  • Allow (drag and drop) custom order
  • Export images with different name, not always "picture"

About Ordre, I invite Evernote team to look at how TC 2000 team allow different order configuration per stock list, it's like notebook. 

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