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Folder Import not working properly


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In my Configuration, holding my data on a Synology NAS there is no straight solution to import files into Evernote stored on my NAS Folder "Peter". So I use the feature Cloud Station to synch the Folder "Peter" with a USB Drive connected to a W8,1 PC where Evernote is running (thanks to cheep diskdrives no problem). Then I use the Function "Folder Import" to monitor that folder and import the newly copied files into Evernote.


Unfortunately, this works not as expected.

-if I move files from one to another subfolder of Peter, Evernote imports the file. It creates some duplicates, but this cannot be solved as Evernote imports the files and "forgets" the source - not dramatic as not many movements and deletions happens.


-if I "cut & paste" a file from other sources to a subfolder of "Peter", Evernote does'nt imports it

-If I copy to a subfolder no import.


If I do the commands below directly to the root "Peter"

-if I use the send to feature it works

-if I use the copy or cut & Paste command it works as well


Yes, I have the "Subfolder Flag" enabled.

I want to keep a certain folderstructure with subfolders


Is there any solution to this in sight?




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I'm not sure that the API that Evernote uses to monitor folder changes plays well with network shares.

No Evernote can't handle NW Drives at all. That's why I did it as described in the entry of my post.


I try today another config and will report if it is working that way.

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