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My encrypted notes are empty



I've been using Evernote for a long time. I have one note that has some financial passwords, logins, account information, etc. These are all listed separately on one note and they are each encrypted, if that makes sense.

Typically I have to unencrypt one of the lines of information and then all of the sections on the page that were previously encrypted are no longer encrypted. 

Today I entered in the password to unencrypt one piece of information and found that there was no data. It was blank. I then clicked on the various sections of the note that were encrypted and found that they, too, were blank. 

The note itself looks intact (except for the blank space where the text was encrypted.

Any thoughts on what happened here? It's never happened before. 

I can see having possibly deleted one of these pieces of information by mistake, but not all 15-20 of them.

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Hello Hedgehog,

This has started happening to me also, since I upgraded to 6.0.5

Mac user. 10.9.5


When I try to un-encrypt a piece of text that I had encrypted inside a note (such as a password), instead of unlocking the text so that I can read it, it 'disappears'.

This is very annpoying and worrisome, since it means I cant retrieve essential passwords.


It is clearly a bug.

Can someone from Evernote please respond to this? We can't be the only ones experiencing this?



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