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Rotate images in multiple notes or from phone?

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My colleagues takes photos of receipts and send them via email to our EN email address. As they are not supposed to have access to the account, they cannot use the Evernote App per se.


The problem is that every single photo arrives so that I need to rotate them 90 degrees clockwise. Quite a tedious work. So therefore my question is,

1) Will it be possible to control the rotation from their iphones ?

2) Can I select for example 100 notes and have all images rotated 90 degrees clockwise ?


Thanks for any advise on this

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It's not possible to batch rotate pictures in notes.  If your guys are sending photos by email,  you should be able to set up a process to rotate the pictures before they're added to Evernote.  (Change the inbound email address,  rotate the pics and forward the picture on).


I use Android rather than iPhone,  but we have a 'fix rotation' option in settings that it might be worth exploring...   

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