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I cancel a paid subscription

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Dear Evernote!
I cancel a paid premium subscription for you. Another handy tool in the hands turned into a beautiful rose. I do not pay you for your magic clouds - there are many others. I paid you for the ideal tool called "Notepad". Yes, you do that, it was as donation! Yes, on a regular basis!
Explain the reasons:
1. Now I pushing the "New chat" or "Share" buttons every time in the heat of the creative idea I trying to write poke into the first button. I do not need to tell all my friends that I use Evernote. You should have to spend marketing activities at the expense of free subscribers.
2. Obsessive tips. I am able to understand myself in the interface, because I specifically chose a very simple program with the sole function of "Notepad".
3. Each time I add a note I must now make a choice between input methods. Not for handwriting, and not for the voice recorder, I decided once to pay you. And for an incredible two clicks, I could add an entry to all my devices. Tell Evernote why it was necessary to add a third click? After all, you just got on a par with many other programs...

Dear Evernout, come back - write.
Follow. Sign in reason: "I don't need beautiful rose, I need notepad". Maybe It'll be back...
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A lot of your complaints are very valuable to me personally in using Evernote.


I respect that your vision for Evernote is different to mine. 


I think people use Evernote for many reasons... One of them is for the Cloud and sharing abilities, cross platform etc...


Some solutions:

1) If you dont like the cloud set sync to manual

2) Tips are not a problem for me after program has been installed for a few days... Just discard them, and eventually they wont come back. I can understand new installations may be annoying... But it does not last long. You do have a point though... If I log in with my account that has been active for a long time, I dont expect the tips to pop up on a new machine with my old account being used there.

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