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Changing or deleting an annotation


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I have a map on which I have marked arrows and numbers relating to restaurants shown in a separate list.  I created this in Skitch and saved to Evernote. I now need to update this and have easily managed to add new arrows and numbers but I need to delete some of the original numbers and change some.  I have tried in Evernote and in Skitch but it just shows the tools for adding annotations.  I have tried double clicking on a number as I read that it would show some blue dots round it and then it would be possible to amend, but this does not happen.  What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Ray,

Have you rotated your map image at any point? This is the one sure way to lock the annotations into the image as permanent fixtures. Even if you export an annotated note from Evernote... when you pop it back into a note, the annotations are editable... BUT rotating a note is a point of no return. Whatever you do, don't rotate images after annotating if you need to edit them thereafter. Rotate your images before you annotate. 

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I think I have the same thing - I stupidly added some pixelation to an image to test it out and now it's permanently on my image.

How do I remove it? I've opened it in photoshop and it's not on a seperate layer. Why would you not be able to remove an annotation from an original file?

Any help gratefully received!


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