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How do I create a new note in a different notebook?

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When I am in Evernote and I want to create a new note, I see the box at the top (+new note in _____), which is already filled in with a notebook name. Clicking on the arrow shows me three other notebooks, the most recently accessed notebooks. 


But what if I want to create a note elsewhere? I have been creating a note in one of the default notebooks, and then changing it later.

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Basically....... enter whatever target notebook context and create a note therein. Your new note will live there.


If you're in all notes (or any other notebook context, for that matter) create your note and change the destination notebook located somewhere near the note title in (almost) all clients.


I would have assumed this to be discoverable from day one... This goes for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and web... of which you have at least 4 possibilities.  

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