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suggestions please- making client lists with EN

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I am looking for suggestions on how to keep track of client information. I want to be able to hide private information for client privacy, but still be able to access this information freely. (HIPAA or Security compliance). I also want to be able to add new information  to these lists on a daily basis. Any suggestions are helpful???

I use EN for personal use but want o integrate to work use.

thank you

-new to paperless

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Text encryption is about the only tool available within EN to hide the information for client privacy.  Part or all of the text in the note can be encrypted,  You select which.  Tables can be encrypted as well.  Each time you view/modify the note's contents you would need to enter your password unless you select the Remember passphrase until I quit Evernote checkbox.  That kind of defeats the privacy process though.

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Best answer? Evernote is not the right software to handle such sensitive client/patient information. I'm so pleased you thought to ask first. My blood literally boils with anger when I see ANY kind of medical or legal professional blithely talk about storing sensitive patient and client data on Evernote.

That is NOT what Evernote is designed for. Though they are in the process of branching out into the corporate market, they are still in the very early phases, and while they are better than average in terms of data security, Evernote is not and never pretended to be HIPPA compliant or super high security.

Evernote is, at it's core, a Personal Information Manager (PIM). It's one thing to trust them with your own personal details, but it's a whole other ball game to trust them with confidential patient and client information. Because in doing so, you would be making the choice for them and without their KNOWLEDGE and CONSENT!

Please, I entreat you, consult with others in whatever your field is and check the applicable laws to find a cloud service that is fully compliant with all the mandated and recommended laws, with above the minimum required security. Yes, it will cost more money, but a whole lot less than a lawsuit should your patients or clients privacy be hacked through your own carelessness in choosing the wrong software and service.

I'm not trying to be mean. I'm really not. But if I found that anyone who plays a part in my healthcare and has access to my personal information, from my chiropractor right up to my last surgeon, was using Evernote or a similar service to store my details on, I would go BALLISTIC! Same thing if I should ever need a lawyer for ANY reason at all.

So again, THANK YOU for checking first, but PLEASE research and find the legally appropriate software and cloud service for your field and location.

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