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Mac OSX and Evernote v 6.0.5 / Notes not saving Recordings

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been long time user of EN and a subscriber


few weeks ago I submitted a support ticket but EN has not responded... 


new EN install v 6.0.5 on Mac OS X 10.8.5


With previous versions, able to record audio notes into my note

new version unable to save notes. 


I am able see and press record

the sound bar works (as audio is being detected) 

when ready to stop / save, click on SAVE 


No Audio file (where in previous versions audio file was visible) 


Tried uninstall / reinstall 

reboot cycles


still no resolution 


thoughts ?  

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Hi.  Interesting problem.  Short term work-around - can you use another app to record to WAV or MP3 files and attach those to an EN note?  Longer term - weeks is too long for a support request;  did you get a ticket number?  Please post it here and we can ask a Forum Admin to find out what's going on...

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@GB_Texas:  Until Evernote issues a fix, you might try AudioNote.  They have great apps for both Mac and iOS, which will sync using Dropbox.

Of course, you can always attach the AudioNote file to an EN Note.


AudioNote offers the advantage of allowing you to type while recording, and linking your text to the proper time in the recording.

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Experienced this bug last night. Can't believe I lost a recording of a very important 70 minute meeting! Evernote, any solutions?


Hi.  User forum here - we're not Evernote,  or Support.  If you're  premium user you could start a support request by logging in to this page - https://evernote.com/contact/support/ - and go on to use the Chat system to get a quick response once you have a ticket number.


Speaking as a user of Evernote - getting your recording back may not be possible;  it depends where things went wrong.  Did you see the recording finish successfully and sync the note afterward?  In that case the recording may be available at EN Web - link as above.  If you're a premium user (even if only for a month...) you would have access to 'Note History' which might include a version of that note with the content intact.  If the recording didn't finish and/ or the note wasn't synced,  then the data is somewhere on your device,  but probably unrecoverable.


For many reasons it's sometimes better to use an external app like AudioNote (suggested above) to record audio,  and save the result to Evernote;  and for an important event I'd tend to use more than one device to record.  Battery problems,  crashes and glitches are always possible on any device...

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I have been having this problem since installing High Sierra, and on two different computers.  Tech Support has not been helpful, and have in fact not responded to any of my new tickets.  Have also installed and reinstalled Evernote multiple times with no resolution.    EVERNOTE NEEDS BETTER TECH SUPPORT Especially for Premium members!

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