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[bug] Atrocious sync with probable data loss


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I am having increasing issues with Evernote of late. 


Tags are lost now and then. Then an important attachment to a post inexplicable vanished. (Fortunately, I had a slightly older copy of it lying around elsewhere. But it did spur me to begin deloading all my documents from Evernote to OneDrive).


Then this sync happened. See the attached image comparing the web and Windows desktop version.


1) One post from the "Articles" notebook is inexplicably missing.


2) At least one tag is again missing ("6-Aspirational" from underneath ".1 - Schedule"). Since this isn't the first time a tag has vanished, I suspect this isn't the only one.


3) The order and structure of the notebook arrangement is completely different!


Naturally, I have opened a support ticket. But since I've seen numerous complaints of customer service taking a long time to reply back, I would appreciate feedback here as to whether I can do anything about this.


I have the latest version and made a copy of the Activity Log.


PS. On a more general note: Note that I am, or at least was, a big fan of Evernote. I am a paying subscriber, and I even wrote a blog post about productivity featuring it. But for all its cool features, data integrity and sync must remain the number one, two, and three prioritities. Even as Evernote continues introducing more and more features, many of them of questionable efficacy (anyone actually use work chat?), old requests go unanswered (e.g. custom sorting for notebooks), and far more disturbingly, more and more reports appear of serious data integrity issues - reports the truth of which I have myself begun to encounter in force this past month. There are some things that Evernote does really well and I would not want to lose: The specific system of notebooks, tags, and shortcuts; the powerful search; the web clipping. It would be really hard to find a good replacement that can serve simultaneously as a diary, a GTD infrastructure, a creative space, and a repository for clipped articles and other information. But if things don't turn around for the better, I will be eventually be forced to seek an alternative.


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