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Evernote apk file please?

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So I just bought a Samsung galaxy tab primarily with the intentions of using evernote on it. So I go to Google play store and this message appears when I try to install it: "This applicaton is not available in your country"

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Hi.  I'm surprised that Evernote "isn't available in your country" - it seems in pretty widespread general use around the planet.  Evernote staffers do read these posts,  so hopefully they may know of a link through which you can download the APK.  I can't find one on a quick Google - all links seem to lead back to the play store.  Just to make sure that Evernote do know this is a problem,  I'd suggest you submit it as a login/account access issue by choosing that option in the first dropdown after logging into this link > https://evernote.com/contact/support/

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