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Scans have all disappeared


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I was introduced to scannable as a way to capture important documents last week so I could have them with me when I needed them. 


I have scanned a number of documents over the last week and was able to access them yesterday, however today when I opened up the app, all of the documents has disappeared from the tray.

Is this an expected behaviour and if so, under what conditions will it happen?


Whilst looking through the web site today, I have learnt what the approve button does (I was not aware of this before and had not approved the docs I had scanned since they seemed fine and kept appearing in the tray every time I used it).

I also had not connected it to my evernote or any other online accounts yet, but had assumed I could use it offline only.


Have I done something wrong or is this a bug?


If its a user error, then it would be great to know what I missed since its stunningly inconvenient to lose everything.

Looking at the app store reviews, it does seem that there are others who have had a similar problem.


I am using it on an iphone 6 with ios 8.1.2 and Scannable 1.0

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All my scans are gone as well. And, stupidly, I was so excited to have the app I tossed the pile of cards "knowing" I was finally done waiting for a good card app. Boy, that was stupid. Maybe I thouught the app could do things it was never supposed to - scan a card, pull data from card, correct incorrect data, and keep the photo of the card.

By scanning and waiting to process all the cards for when I had time, I now have nothing.

Do one card and make sure it does everything you need it too. This app *may be the worst. It *may be great. It's pretty bad for me.

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This happened to me, as well. I had about 30 documents and business cards that I had scanned, and as I reopened the app today to send them to Evernote, the scans were all gone! What a massive waste of time!

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All of my scans disappeared after I tried to email them to myself. I got a confirmation from Scannable saying it worked - but the email never came through. I figured no worry, i can just send it again, but the file is GONE. I did not delete it. I've been using this app for a few months and this hasn't happened before. This is an important work file - PLEASE HELP! 

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I also seem to have lost my Scannable scans. I never approved anything or forwarded anything, they just re-appeared every time so I did not expect to lose them - since Evernote never let me down I really didn't expect this and it caught me with my guard down (I had some important scans in there).

So also for me, please tell me if I can get them back and if so, how.

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I just lost all mine as well! WTH? I had just scanned some of my kids' thank you notes for the last day of school wanting to show them to grandparents...so I scanned them as usual and saw they were in the list. I opened the app an hour later to scan some other things, I scanned them just fine, and then wanted to send ALL of them to my camera roll. I saw that it said "all selected" and chose save to camera roll. But it just saved one of them! And then the rest disappeared!


This is NOT acceptable.


I realize losing thank you notes isn't the end of the world, but it should NOT have happened.


If this is the behavior, I'll no longer be using Scannable.

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I've used scannable for about two years and everything was fine until this morning; opened the app to look at a scan, started scrolling and then all the scans disappeared. 

Agreed about the restore option; it simply reads "no recently completed or deleted scan sessions," which is completely wrong as I'd taken a new scan even after finding all my older scans gone.

Losing this data is a big loss for me and it appears that Evernote doesn't pay any attention to these posts.

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I've been using Scannable for the past few years, far better and easier to operate than iOS scan feature and the PDF files are so much smaller (data-wise)...but... on a number of occasions, the last being today, I opened the app to scan a document & all my other scans done last week have disappeared - also, all previous deleted scans, though not yet expired, are not in the recover section, it's as if I'm using app for first time. Have seen this problem posted quite a number of times over the past few years but no solution? It's almost 2020 & the bug still exists - any definitive answers out there or from Evernote?

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Same here. Longtime Evernote Premium user. Love the app, but at least 3 times I have opened the app and been taken through the new-user orientation/account login process to find all Recents gone. The last time, I had a dozen receipts from an overseas trip all queued up in a single scan file and lost them all before I could save or send them somewhere. 

Hello, Evernote? Anybody home? 

I used to rave about this app to people. Now I warn them against it, and I don't trust it anymore. 

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