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Reminder notifications - Broken?

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Do notifications not actually notify?  I have several set, and yes, I get the email notification -- which is very little use, as it hardly stands out in a flood of emails in my inbox.  I expected I would get a push notification on my android phone when the notification was due - but nothing.  And no rumbers on the Evernote badge either.  And I also expected that when I opened my Windows app, there would be something: an indication of the number of reminders due, a pop up dialog on the day it's actually due -- "Hey, you have a notification due today!", a chime, something, but no - you have to remember to check your reminder list.  So they're really just notes with a due date, not reminders at all.


Am I doing something wrong?  Or are reminders really missing all the features you'd expect a reminder to have?

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Hi Robert,

Sorry about the delayed response. This new forum layout might take a while for some of...cough, cough, me...to get used to. No the reminders do not have pop-up windows or audible alarms. You should be seeing an email (in the one linked to your Evernote account) when the reminder comes due. Other than that, I find them useful to keep certain project notes sort of "pinned" to the top of my screen when I open Evernote.

If you want an active reminder app that intergrates with Evernote (EN), you might want to consider one of the free or paid calendar or task management 3rd party apps in the EN App Centre. An old but still quite popular one is Remember the Milk. There's a fair amount of chatter on the boards about the Sunrise Calendar app as well.

Good luck!

Notification, reminder - sorry, I'm using those terms synonymously and interchangeably.

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Have you enabled them? They're enabled on a notebook by notebook basis. In the latest release -- I'm on the beta program, so hopefully this applies to the actual released version -- I open up the notebooks view, and find the notebook I'm interested in. In the menu, find Reminder Notifications; you'll see a list of notebooks (organized by stack). Find the notebook that you're interested in; on the left side of the notebook entry, there's a little alarm clock. If it's green, then notifications are enabled for the notebook; if it's gray, they're not.

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Such a feature would came in handy. Most to-do apps I remember have per default a notification running when a reminder was set.

Now we have that cool new feature to create new notes over a permanent notification... But why I can't get a "real" notification of my todos?

This topic is now 1½ year old and I was searching for exactly this problem... 

It's there maybe a third party app which can handle this?

@Wordsgood - misusing a reminder for "pinning" is the same I do, because of the missing feature of have pinned notes (yes, I know - there is the Favorite-Notebook, but I barely use it due to the lack of having nested elements... I use a tag:favorite in parallel and make a saved search based on it.  Everything we do, are still hacks, to come around with workflows EN don't provide.

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