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Support ending for Hello, Peek, BlackBerry 7, and PlayBook on February 7th

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On February 7, 2015 we will have discontinued support for Evernote Hello, Evernote Peek, Evernote BB7 and Playbook, and won’t be making any further updates to these apps. See our official announcement here: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/01/20/evernote-end-support-hello-peek-blackberry-7-playbook/


FAQs are available for each app in our knowledge base at the links below: 






For the forums, we’ll close down the ability to create new threads on February 9th for Hello and Peek but keep their spaces online and searchable in archive form. Playbook and BB7 content will still be searchable via the BlackBerry forum.

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So EVERNOTE now like Microsoft. Buy product, then find the company refuses to support it, and in this case, destroys its functionality completely.

I have convinced numerous friends to use Evernote; an error I will now attempt to correct, and in my case avoid in future.

At the very least, the company should have allowed the community access to source code to keep functionality alive. There is still a significant number of active BlackBerry PlayBook users - but apparently not large enough for Evernote to make money off of.

Even Motorola allowed us access, when they killed Web OS.

Bad.bad day, with a company I had come to regard highly.

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 As an avid fan of Evernote, i strongly agree that Evernote, if it has decided that there is no point in further support, should open source the code, so that others who are interested can add code and support existing users. If this doesn't happen, this singular event may make me re-consider my usage patterns in future.. Like, I use Evernote a lot, but usage of Skitch is also centric to my workflow. 


What if tomorrow, Evernote said that Annotation feature is built into Stock client, so we are killing Skitch, just like that? What if Evernote did that to Penultimate? Serious questions will emerge if Evernote dumps Hello and Food, which were core add-on features to Evernote, less than a couple of years ago.. ? 



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Hello has pretty much become redundant, since the core features have already been integrated into the Evernote mobile clients. The article also explains that Evernote will continue to develop for BlackBerry 10+.... You know, advancement in technology:

"We’re focusing on modern operating systems and have a great version of Evernote for BlackBerry 10."

Also, @Panzerkampfwagen, hold your horses – Skitch and Penultumate are not going anywhere just yet. Focus.

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@Spam_Graduate - Not at the moment yes, but Hello and Food were as much important to Evernote's marketing strategies a couple of years ago, as much as Skitch and Penultimate are today.. The problem is lack of transparency in which direction this company is going.. 


A few years ago, Phil Libin talked about Evernote being an antisocial app, now that track has changed.. Then suddenly, we are creating a physical market selling goods.. Digital Pens and Scanners are fine.. but how much of effort goes into socks and handbags? If Socks and Handbags get a higher priority over food and Hello, and if Evernote is making more money out of them, then surely, don't be surprised if Evernote starts making handkerchiefs, pens and shoes under the EN brand and ditch Skitch and Penultimate in the future.. 


Since Evernote has hit a 100 million users, i just get the inkling that success may have got into its head, maybe, just a little too early.. Yes, its indispensable, I can't think my life without Evernote is a fact, and i will take it to my grave, I am a fan, but not a fanboy who will go to the extent of promoting an Evernote branded Undergarment, and the way things are going, I wouldn't be much surprised, if someting like that really happened.. 

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I hear you... but Evernote "Food" is still on the menu... and we had to say goodbye to "Hello" since it had basically become redundant. Once again, it's core features were worked into the actual Evernote app. They essentially took the best of that technology and incorporated it into the mobile apps' business card scanning, together with Linkedin integration, etc. It'd a no-brainer.


The only useful thing I can see about the standalone Skitch app is that you can start with a blank canvas (and a few less clicks), whereas within the Evernote clients you would have to drop a blank image background to begin annotating. Anyways... there's no talk of Skitch going anywhere... and definitely not Penultimate. What makes you think Penultimate is skating on thin ice? There are a lot of "what if's", but with the new Penultimate overhaul, I doubt there's anything to worry about.


Either the technology in the apps that are being pulled has been absorbed or Evernote has offered a decent alternative, as in the case of Evernote Peek/ Study Blue.


Do you own a Blackberry 7?


I think Evernote is just trimming back on some vestigial/ redundant apps. 


Have you read the blog post in question?

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What you say makes a lot of sense in theory, but I have reasons to worry otherwise.. 


Give me one good reason to justify how socks and leather bags are related to the core concept of Evernote's Remember Everythiing theme? 


Yes, Evernote is improving day by day.. It sustains simply only because it has got a certain nicheness and feature set to it, that differentiates itself from others.. This i totally agree.. But Software Quality? It is good, .. but does it compare to the likes of the bigger names like Google or Microsoft? Now, i know its unfair to compare, but my logic, is that instead of focussing on shoes and bags ( what if they start generating more revenue compared to its digital Products?), wouldn't that effort have been done to make Evernote a far more greater product? There are bugs on EN for Windows 5, which were there when introduced but are still there.. Only IOS Client works great.. Windows and Android still have loads to be fixed.. 


If the Fanboys of Evernote had to start a rant thread, then you knew that something was wrong.. And what was with the sudden change of the Title and stuff? ( You Remember, there used to be PPL titled 'Evangelists'.. Any transparency on that front.. Take a look at last year's KeyNote.. Libin Promised an EN calendar was coming.. I see nothing here..)


Last year, there was so much.. 2 Factor Authentication, Integration with Post IT notes, Highlighter Integration, Presentation Mode, Integrating Skitch Functionality in stock client.. Have we seen any major feature introduced in this year? Compare the last year's KeyNote Video on YouTuBe and this year's.. You can clearly see the difference in edit.. Last year's focusses on the Large screen ( so the YouTube Users could also see what was being shown).. Take a look at this years.. The edit seems to be so lazily done.. Again.. lots of half baked promises.. One is this Magazine Integration.. But I can't use it.. Why? I am not in America.. But EN is not an America only product sir.. Similarly, there was a blog post.. Updated Evernote Web Clipper.. But, the post didn't mention that it was only for Chrome.. Easy searching by keyword was there for Mac 6 months ago.. Windows is still waiting.. Yes.. Lots of criticism can be done.. 


But there is one place, where i must give the credit fully where it is due.. and it is the Context feature.. It is there, and it is well and truly awesome.. The Evernote Work Chat experience is well.. Meh to me.. Because.. it works good for EN to EN users, but not otherwise.. 

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I think it's wrong to confuse their efforts with Market which it seems has been a good revenue generator (which is good for all of us) with decisions as to which apps they continue to develop and general software quality. The people who are focused on socks are not the same as the software team.


It was announced sometime ago that Mod powers on the forum which was all that the evangelists really were was being opened up anyone with more than 300 posts. This was to increase mod coverage of the forum. You are nearly there yourself. It wasn't hidden, it was all pretty clear.


You are absolutely free to criticise Evernote however you like, personally I stick to the stuff that I think is relevant like quality and reliability.

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I don't believe you folks screwed up HELLO! I was a 100% EV premium paying fan and have recommended U to countless people. Now I am an 80% concerned user.

Hello was the best acquaintance capturing app in the history of mobile computing. I Hand my IPhone to a smart acquaintance the put in their particulars hit done and my info goes to them.


Now when I need to remember an acquaintances name (I have a photographic memory for faces but not names) I Scan the beautifully crafted minimalist HELLO interface for the face I am thinking of an his/her name and where I met them is right their.


and you screwed Tia uP, WoW!

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