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External Hard Drives

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I have an external hard drive with several folders that i wish to import.  Apparently, I can import from local drives, but not from the external.  Can it be done?  If so, how.


Also, when importing, is there a way to filter what's imported?  Example, I want jpg, gif, and png files only.  The folder has a number of video files (wmv, mp4, etc) that I don't want imported.


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You can import from anywhere that Finder/Windows Explorer can see and that you have Read permissions on (this would be most things). If you want to import only certain types of files you might be best to use Finder/Windows Explorer to search for files of that type on that volume, then drag and drop them to the dock icon (Mac) or the import folder (windows).

If you tell us a bit more about what you are trying to do and what operating system you are using we might be able to offer some additional guidance. 

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Standard question: which Evernote client are you using? Windows? Mac?


Are you trying to set up an auto-import folder, or are you just trying to import (File / Import) from a specific folder?


Last time I checked, Evernote for Mac didn't have an auto-import facility; am I wrong about that?

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