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Scanable on iphone 4s and ipad mini


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Hi all,

I'm very glad with scanable on ipad mini. It is very fast. But on iphone 4s (with flash) the time for image process is too long. You have the same problem? Have I change the phone? If yes which one: iphone 5 or 6 ?


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Like you, my scans take too long. I couldn't figure out where the photos went after the blue flash, thanks to little to no documentation on the app itself. I had to poke around the web to figure out my scans were supposed to follow up with save & share options. Which would be great if they did, but after 15 minutes of trying to grab a scan, the two times I've managed to hold my hand steady for the duration to Scannable's liking, the app bombs out.  


Sorry, Evernote, but this is one, two, three whiffs. Scannable's out. 


I'm on iPhone 4S, iOS 8.1 

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