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elementary q: is there documentation somewhere?


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Just downloaded an installed Scannable for Ipad.    I fit  document to screen, per instructions, keeps saying  "looking for document."


I know I am doing something wrong -- probably something very simple that I have exactly backwards -- but is there somewhere to read instructions?  or can SKS just tell me how to scan something -- say a clipping from a newspaper?

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Sorry to jump on to this topic, but I also have a really basic question I am missing, that no one else seems to have asked.


How do I export a document as PDF? I can only get them to be JPEG.


I scan a one-page document, hit the Finished checkmark, go to share->evernote, and Save.

When I sync from my Evernote desktop app, the attachment is a JPEG.


I feel like I am missing something basic here.

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