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Using email associated with deactivated account, with another account

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I have been using Evernote for several years with an email address for login as normal. I recently started using a new email address and without thinking I created a new Evernote account with it instead of adding it to my already existing account (or changing the address to my new one) that has all my notes in it.  So I then deactivated the new account and have been trying unsuccessfully for months to add my new address to my main Evernote account, when I try it just says that that email address is already in use.


Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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You need to re-activate your old account....

Change the E-mail of the old account...

Then you can use that email on the new acount.

Or whatever it is you are trying to achieve... Your a bit all over the place.



You need to set it up that you change the e-mail on the account you don't want to something else...

(some new gmail email or whatever, who cares.. You are not going to use it again)...

Then your e-mail is "free".. And you can apply it anywhere you want.

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