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After five years... Goodbye old friend (Evernote)

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Dear Evernote,


Its been real. We've had our ups and downs. I remember when I introduced you to my mom in 2011, and then my now wife shortly afterwards. I brought you into my family. There were growing pains while we learned to work together. You lost my files a couple times, your syncing was perpetually buggy, and you started to put too much makeup on instead of focusing on your core strengths. But we still stuck it out, and were able to get through it. 


Believe me, there were times where I looked at other softwares longingly, but I thought of the commitment and deep bonds that I thought you and I shared. I bought all your books. I shopped in the Marketplace. I know who Bretty Kelly and Daniel Gold are, and a host of other people who have made a living touting your name. 


But I'm sorry to say, that I can't go on living like this. I thought we were ready to take it to the next level today. In fact, I committed whole-heartedly. I upgraded to Business from Premium. I brought my employees on board. 


And how do you treat me? You lose my notebooks when I "convert to business", resulting in many more dollars in loss than I paid for the business subscription, and then ignore my supplicating emails for help. It only took a day to see the real you, a bloated, grown-too-fast company that used to spark such hope in my soul. I now realize I should never have believed your silver tongue about making my business life effortless. And now I have paid the price.


Don't get me wrong, I'll always remember the good times we had together, but I need to move on. Maybe we can make it work someday. 


With (formerly) all of my love,


Lost and alone


P.S. Does anybody know how to help me get my 1900 evernote notes and their attachments into Google Apps?

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