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Is there a way to stop and continue an audio recording while recording a voice note?

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Thank you for the reply...But how do I do it when using the Evernote app on my Android? I begin to record a thought and then need to pause it so that I may gather more of my thoughts but I want to eliminate dead air...Is there a way to start and stop a recording on the Evernote Android app? Is there a way to do it on the Windows Desktop tool as well?


Thank you!

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True - Evernote's recorder is on or totally off,  there is no pause.  There are other recording apps you can use however,  which do offer that feature,  and provided you choose one that saves to MP3 or WAV files,  you can attach the files to a note and play them back on any device.  That would also mean that while recording on one or another device you could switch to Evernote to take notes,  without any risk of accidentally stopping the recorder...

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