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Where can I find material to learn how to use Evernote?

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Below is a a link to Evernote Scott's list of How To videos. Try also looking up Evan Carmichael's Evernote videos and subscribing to their YouTube channels. There's also a ton of other Evernote videos on YouTube buy other users and even Evernote has their own channel. You can watch and subscribe to all of them for free.

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You might find this introduction material helpful:


In short, Notes are stored in Notebooks (which are analogous to folders), and Notebooks can be stored in Stacks.  Evernote does NOT support sub-notebooks.

Tags are independent of Notebooks, and the same tag can be assigned to more than one Note.

For more on Tags, see The Benefit of Using Tags


It is generally suggested to start out with a very few Notebooks, and to use Tags where you might have used subfolders on your PC/Mac.  


For more info try these Google Searches:

  • Evernote organization
  • Evernote tags
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