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Evernote on more than one computer

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I have Evernote loaded on my home computer and my Android phone.  At work I use the web based Evernote.  Can I download Evernote to my work computer and use it like I do at home rather than having to use the web based program?  I am using Windows on my computer.

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I am in a similar situation, using the web version at work. My employer does not allow us to download software, so that's my only option. If your employer is willing, however, you should be able to download and use the Windows version at work. Make sure you sync your notes on one machine before using it on the other.


I would be cautious, however. Make sure no one else might get access to your account. Make sure you don't leave Evernote open when you're not there. And make sure you know your company's policies on using their hardware for personal use. My employer does not like us accessing personal things on their computers or sending personal emails using the work account.


If you're only using Evernote for work use, and your employer is aware and okay with this, I see no problem accessing your account with two different machines. Just make sure to sync your notes.

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I have no issues with downloading the software at work, I just want to make sure there are no syncing issues between my various computers.  Can one computer be my main computer and the other not download actual files? 

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You can't set one computer as the 'master' record - that's always the Server anyway.  Whatever's been synced with the server is the 'correct' version,  and that will be downloaded to any client device that connects with the server,  unless that device has an unsynced later version of the note which takes priority.  Many users run into problems here,  thinking to sync lots of changes with the server,  but finding that the server then overwrites their 10-page note with 1 page from history.


The thing about using multiple computers with Evernote is 

  1. Always sync both before and after you make any changes - to make sure you have the latest version of a note,  and then pass on your changes to the server.
  2. Don't leave any device with Evernote still running - your work desktop forinstance might sync automatically every half-hour while you're not there,  meaning that the server version of the notes on your work machine is only 30 minutes old.  If you've just worked for a while on a big change,  and then try to sync your note with the server,  you might find that the work computer version of your note replaces all your changes.
  3. Keep a regular backup - no matter how hard you try,  sooner or later you'll forget to log out.  If your computer's a Windows machine,  just copy the Database folder regularly.
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