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Answering within 24 hours for Premium users

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Well they don't work saturday and sunday so they don't count.


I've had to wait a number of days to get a response so i'm not sure if they are still promising this or not. If they are, they aren't living up to it.

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I am a Premium subscriber and have experienced the same multi-day mid-week response that Metrodon mentioned.


I find the answers posted by the users on this forum to be more helpful and faster for most questions.

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Is it still true that Premium users get support within 24 hours?

As a premium user, I submitted the ticket #913310 more than 3 days ago on Friday 00:18 Pacific time and still didn't get any answer.


You should have received an auto-response email within an hour or so of submitting your ticket.

If you did not receive it, that means most likely there's something wrong with your email address.  Check your spam folder.


Since today is a holiday in the US, you might not get a response from a human until Tue, or Wed.

If your issue is urgent, then, since you are a Premium account owner, you might use Evernote Chat Support., available business days 7am-7pm US CST. 

(Chat option appears AFTER you click “Continue” on initial “Evernote Support” page.)

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I am a Premium subscriber and I can confirm Premium users DO NOT RECEIVE a support - neither in 24, nor in 48, nor in weeks time !!


As an example, my ticket 907737 (bug of EN on Android KitKat) was first submitted on 12/01/2015 (12 days ago...) :

. I have NOT received ANY feedback (besides the automatic aknowledgement of my request !...)

. I sent 2 reminders, but neither of these got any more response from Evernote.


Evernote used to be a nice app for me (hence my being Premium for a couple of years now), but with such a level of support, I'm not sure you want to trust the company/app with your notes !!


And BTW,  there used to be a support page where one could follow the status of its tickets. Sounds like this dissapeared. Is this the new way of handling support tickets ?...

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I don't remember there being any page where you could track a ticket.

If the only benefit of premium was support then I wouldn't pay for it. It's never been all that good but it at least used to be relatively responsive, most of the time it feels just like a black hole now.

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& BTW, don't blame this on antispam :

. I made a thorough review there, and there is definetly nothing !...

. and the automated response still gets through.


Hi all,


FYI, Evernote eventually answered my support ticket (Premium... so maybe they read this forum :o), and the problem was solved in minutes.


Could have been solved in one day instead of 3 weeks - but still solved !


Let's try & keep faith in the service...


Cheers !

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