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Automatic notification and/or summary of daily/weekly updates in notebook

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So I curate links on a daily basis into a single, shared notebook. I go through a bunch of links I gathered through various means, chose to open some of them, and then webclip them w/ tags, comments, etc. to a specific Evernote notebook which is shared with one person. The objective of this effort is double: to archive relevant documents, and to share them at the same time.


I add links daily. I was wondering how the notification system works? Does the person receive an email notification each and every time a single link is added? Would it be possible to set up a notification system that would send an email with a summary of what has changed in the notebook during the day, or the week (I’m thinking of using IFTTT for this).


Any ideas, tips, will be appreciated.



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AFAIK, there is no way to set up email notifications for changes in shared notebooks where content is edited. What you do get is a glowing satellite symbol in the top left toolbar on the desktop clients when you have any new shared activity. You can browse through current and past updates. 

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What about tapping into the RSS feature of an Evernote notebook? If I understand correctly, when a notebook is shared publicly, it gets a RSS feed. IFTTT could be used to automatically send an email when a new items is added to the notebook.


If I share the notebook with only one user, does the notebook get an RSS feed as well. 


I did some research and there was a prototype of an app once –a hack rally– which was called Squirrel and which was design to do just that (make newsletter out of Evernote notebooks). Unfortunately, it does not seem to have come to completion.


Many thanks for your feedback.

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The thing about an RSS feed is that it is public. It depends on your use case...


Maybe you've heard of Postach.io? You can publish your notes to that blogging platform and you should be able to get an RSS feed for that. RSS feeds don't typically create a new notification for an existing blog post that has simply been edited (on the Evernote end)... but I imagine you could untag a specific note and retag it as "published" for it to appear as a new blog post with today's date and thus appear as an updated item in the postach.io feed. That's a little convoluted, though. 


Let us all know if you manage you wangle anything out of IFTTT. It would be interesting indeed.

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I am using Evernote for a very similar purpose -- it's an excellent way to dump links and articles from around the web. BUT, getting access to these outside Evernote is far, far more difficult than it should be. RSS seems to have been removed as a function. I too would like to get a simple daily/weekly email of new notes added to a Notebook. Shouldn't be a major ask.


If you get IFTTT to work, please let me know, but I just looked at it and the IFTTT website seems to indicate that Evernote only supports actions to put information into Evernote, with no triggers to pull it out. Ideally we should be able to:


- email updates (even if the link must go back to Evernote rather than the original if we absolutely must...)

- Buffer etc. links so that IFTTT could be set up automatically for this

- Other easy ways to push out content to colleagues etc who may not necessarily be on Evernote.

- Sharing of similar 'feeds'/emails from private notebooks etc.


I've been a pro subscriber to Evernote for a few years now, but I'm seriously considering looking elsewhere for other options -- instapaper etc looks like it might solve this problem better.


If there's a way to get IFTTT or something similar to do this, I'd love to know.

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Oh man. I keep coming back to this functionality, every three months I start searching for this. I work in a team of developers and designers and we all gather information and inspiration in Evernote notes and all you get to know there are changes in the note is an little outlined icon at the top of Evernote for PC, not even a notification on your phone. 


This is what a project looks like and it would be lovely to share it when there are changes. Now all we can do is make it shared and have IFTTT post it to our Slack channel.

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