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Notes in notebook - Manual sorting

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I use Evernote on my Mac, on my Ipad and on my PC at work all with the latest updates


I use Evernote to create resources for my team. When I want to make a table of contents it does so in the notes order in that notebook

I use Postach.io to create my on-line portfolio and it displays them on-line in the order the notes are in the notebook


Most of the time that's lovely

However there are occasions when I want things in a specific order 

e.g. in my portfolio

first CV then Passport then driving license then IOSH etc.


I don't want them alphabetically or by date created/ modified and It looks a bit semi-pro to number them.


Similarly with a contents page 

I might want

site map then, technical specifications then crew duties


Is it possible to do a manual sort in a notebook?

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You can't manual sort in a notebook apart from fiddling with the note titles and then sorting the note list according to title.  I have used postach.io on occasion, so here's a suggestion:


Postach.io will sort according to the alphabetical sort order of your notes tagged with "published".... So don't tag all of the notes you want to appear on the postach.io blog simultaneously. Tag your first note (which will be the first post on your blog)... sync Evernote... repeat with each successive note in the order you want them to be displayed on postach.io. They will be posted according to the order you post them individually.


If you un-tag anything, you'll have to repeat the process in the correct order. Postach.io displays a date for each post according to the date you tagged your note. If you untag anything and subsequently retag, it goes to the back of the queue (most recent post) and gets posted today... so even if you had everything in the correct order in your notebook, you'd have to delete (untag) all relevant postach.io posts in order to reflect the order of notes in your notebook when you tag all of them simultaneously. 


You're at the mercy of 2 platforms here... but it seems that the least of your worries is on the Evernote side.


BTW, if you're wanting to aim at anything above "semi-pro", as you put it, displaying your CV, passport and driver's license on a public blogging platform is not the most elegant of solutions. You may want to try Linkedin or some similar platform. 

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Thanks for replying

I will try as you suggest with staggered tagging

The idea for me of the postach.io portfolio type thing was 

Over the few (ahem) years I have been working I have accrued a lot of various qualifications and tickets and I wanted one place to keep them all.

The ones employers in my field want to see is CV then the qualifications by type. i.e. my health and safety ones together then my rigging quals together etc.

Yes Linkedin might seem more elegant but that's hardly a repository for a great deal of certificates

I do have it all printed out but it's more convenient for all concerned to have them on-line.

Anyway thanks again

I'll have a go at the tagging thing

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