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new note automatically gets created each time i update one

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i have a diary note. each time i update the diary note, a new "diary" note gets created in my list of notes. so now i have tons of notes named "diary" in my note list, each with one more entry added than the previous version. but i only want one master version that just gets updated each time i add a new entry. i have tried to search for a solution but haven't found one. any tips would be very appreciated. thanks!

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Did you by any chance have a "conflicting changes" note produced at any stage with that original note?

Are you using a 3rd party app or writing directly in Evernote?

Have you tried creating a new master note? Try creating a new note and copying the information over from the original... Then append further entries on to the new note and see if a new note is automatically generated as you described above.

Also, you might want to strip the text from the original note of any "hidden" html and paste into a text file on your desktop before pasting into a new note.

A couple more questions... It sounds like "Note History" gone wrong. Are you a premium subscriber?... And as you described... is a new note generated when you edit your master note every time you save or exit the note... or does it appear only some hours later? Do any other notes you edit or add to demonstrate the same behavior?

Are you editing your note on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows...?

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