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Note not showing on my Macbook (v. 6.0.5)



I use Evernote pretty much from the following 3 devices:

Macbook Air

Macbook Pro



Just found one note (created using iphone -- if it makes difference)  is in (or not searchable) using Macbook Pro.  It is in both Macbook Air and iPhone though.  Not sure if this is one off thing or I have more notes that I am missing from one device.  Please help!



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Make sure you have properly sync'd all of your devices, in this order:

  1. The device the Note was created on, or last updated on.
  2. The device (MBP in this case) that you want to now see/search for the Note on.

As a test for proper sync, you can check the EN Web client (at Evernote.com) to see if the Note in question appears there.

If it does not, then the Note has not been sync'd from the originating device.

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