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Cannot, for the life of me, contact EN support!

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Will someone please help me?  I am despartely attempting to contact EN support.
 I have tried to submit a ticket using:
I have tired this multiple times, on multiple computers, using both android and windows.  Each time I try to submit a ticket the website hangs after I press the submit button.
I have also tried:
When I login and go to the URL above, the page is blank.  It allows me to logout and shows the EN background for the website, but literally has no options except log out.


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Hi--I checked and you are not popping up in our support system, so it's likely you haven't successfully submitted a ticket yet. You will receive an email notification with a ticket number once you have. 


We've got best practices for submitting support tickets here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51807-best-practices-submitting-a-support-ticket/


Follow Gaz's link to start submitting a ticket: https://evernote.com/contact/support/

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Thanks for your replies.  I'm still in need of assistance.  



@ gazumped


Sorry, but those pages take me to the support page.  https://evernote.com/contact/support/  When I try to contact support the website hangs and the chat button is unavailable.  There is literally no way that I can communicate with EN by using https://evernote.com/contact/support/.  It's a dead end.



@ gbarry


This account is a dummy account.  I can't login using my normal EN account.  I created this account just so that I can communicate with someone.



I can't believe that EN doesn't make itself more avaliable to its customers.  I'm really at my whits end here. :-(  


Please help me!!! :-) :-) :-)

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Hi.  You seem to have some sort of system issue,  because all those links are valid and working and should be usable through any computer with or without an active Evernote account.  The Chat function doesn't work until you have received a ticket number,  so that may be why you see it greyed out - plus they only work weekdays and Pacific Standard Time and may not be in your time zone.  I'm confused as to where the chat suggestion came from since neither Geoff or I raised it - do you have another forum thread running too?


On the support page there's a contact support link at bottom right - if you log in on that link with any account that works (you can also post as a guest),  you should then be able to raise an issue with any account - just give full details in your report.


If you'd like to give some more information about your account issues here,  perhaps we can help since the forums are yet another way in which Evernote makes assistance available to users...

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Thanks for your reply.


If I click "support" as  you described, then log in, it wants me to enter the Google Authenticator code, which I don't have access to.  Then I try "need help..." .  Then I try contact support.  Then enter the issue and try to submit it.  Then the website hangs.  It hangs on multiple platforms, machines and in multiple locations.   By "hangs" I mean it shows the little spinning arrow thing like it it is processing the request and that I should wait a few seconds for the website to respond.  But it just sits there and does that icon thing indefinitely.


I mentioned the "chat" button because on that page it shows that chatting might be an option, but that button remains unavaliable to me.


I'm so happy to hear that you might be able to help me despite my unsucessful attempts to contact support.


Here is a copy of the issue that I was trying to report to EN.


"I lost access to phone and Google Authenticator.  I need to use backup code.  I printed backup codes several months ago.  I then click on the link that is used to enter a backup code, but it takes me back to the Google Authenticator page, which I can't use because I don't have access to AUthenticator or my phone a more.  Please help me enter the backup code.  THis is so frustrating and stressful.  Please help!!!"


So could you please help me figure out how I get access to my account again?




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Hmmn.  So the bad news is - we're a user forum,  so don't have access to authentication details.  Unfortunately passwords and payments are the two areas where we can't be of much help.  


Do you have any sort of password manager on your system,  or have you saved the password for Evernote in your browser?  I'm confused why your system jumps straight to what sounds like the authentication pages,  rather than treating you like any other new user and just asking for login details. 


Try using this link - https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action


Which should get you here - (note the circled bit)




If you go ahead as a guest,  you should then be able to choose "Login / Account access issue" from the first drop-down,  and fill in the rest.  If you can do that and receive a ticket number,  we can pass that on from here;  but this is a public forum so individual account details shouldn't be posted here.


If that doesn't work from your home system,  try someone else's computer - a friend,  a library or an internet cafe - all you need is an internet connection and a browser (and that link...)


Good luck.

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Thanks, but If I click "Continue as guest" it only allows me to "Ask the community", which takes me back to this forum.


I have tired submitting a ticket using multiple platforms, methods, locations and machines.


EN has become a form torture for me.


I hope that someone associated with customer support will see this message and will be able to help me submit a ticket.


I don't know what else to do.


Isn't there someone out there that can help me?

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It's very strange that you can't access any of these pages from any computer.  Please try that link again,  and make sure that you click the first drop-down box before you do anything else.  Some of the choices do lead you back to the forums,  but if you have chosen "Login...." issues,  you will get the full form to submit your issue.  

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