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Evernote on Android Wear

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Hi there,


I found it nearly impossible to use evernote with my Sony Smartwatch.


First of all it takes up to four tries until my notes are visible on my watch. Is this a bug or something?

Of course the watch is conncted with my phone (Sony SW 3 and Sony Z1 Compact).

I think it should be possible to see all notes without putting them on my phone screen first.


Furthermore adding a new note is impossible, because after one word, the note is saved from the watch to the phone.

I like to use my watch to for example create shopping lists, which I want to look at (on my watch of course) during shopping.

Is there a right way to get this accomplished?


I do like my Evernote app an the phone very much, but integration on Android wear at the moment is just useless.


Any thoughts?


Kind regards.

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