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18 JAN 2015

Apologies in advance for my tone.

But after numerous attempts to work out why I have lost the ability to use my business notebooks, and blocked (for over-capacity) on my personal folders.  The frustration has well and truly set in.


1. I have tried numerous times to subscribe/upgrade to premium but just get put through a never-ending loop.


2. I've tried to lodge some form of support request numerous times (an example below on the 13th). But the main path leads to a page where I'm told that as I'm not a premium subscriber the best bet is to post the issue in the forums (which I am finally doing now...after wrongly assuming that a business subscriber might be able to find the same level or in fact better support than a premium subscriber).


The last time Evernote functioned properly was just before I received notice that premium subscription had expired - without actually realising that I had both Premium & business subscription (Im the business owner).

Since then I've lost any decent functionality on Evernote.

Since I was using it religiously nearly two weeks without....has been problematic....most of which has been resolved by moving to other processes. Now its just outright frustrating.


Looking forward to some help from someone.




This is now getting frustrating. I have a business account that has been for various number of users up and down from 5, currently 3.

What I didnt realise is I also had a premium account, presumably just for myself. I was notified of its expiry last week, but took no notice of it as i was a business subscriber and assumed as its an $11 service and it has all the functions of premium plus a few more, its an upgrade from premium.

This appears incorrect (I guess because I personally have an account and then my business has an account which makes 2 accounts).

Anyway, whatever the case, because Ive lost my personal premium account, my entire evernote appearars moribund. I cant do anything personally as it is past its limits and I dont appear to have any of my business functionality.
I must have tried to subscribe for premium 20 times and it keeps taking me in circles.

Ive tried to send support notes, but have been denied because i don't have premium.

Im trying this time by not actually logging in to see what difference that makes.

Starting to be a tad frustating.

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This experience perfectly mirrors my own. I have been using Evernote for nearly 5 years. I have been Premium most of that time but switched my company to Business (which was a total pain!) Now I just want my single user Premium account back and like the original poster - I end up in an endless loop. 

Where in the world do I setup the account to be premium? 


The weekend is over.....

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Does this really need to be a challenge that needs a ticket? 



account_type(choose_type); // Easy way for the user to choose Free, Premium, Business. 



There is no easy option to choose the account type. Admin console asks for payment info for Business account at $120/year. https://evernote.com/premium/ is an endless loop with no links to select, only CHAT which is offline. My business subscription expired (thank goodness, business is terrible), now my account is FREE and limited. All I want is a page/link/option to setup and pay for a premium account. 

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